General rules

General rules

The Vice-Dean of Education and Students’ Affairs appoints an academic guide for each student upon his admission. This academic guide is to be one of the staff members and continues with the student until graduation .

The study system

The study scheme is according to the credit hour system, the study is carried out in English and the faculty sets an exam to evaluate the student’s level in English

The Study Duration and  Enrollment

The academic year is divided into three semesters as follow:

Fall Semester: Starts in September and lasts for 15 weeks.

Spring Semester: Starts in February and lasts for 15 weeks.

Summer Semester: Starts in June and lasts for 8 weeks.

A student can be enrolled into any of these phases during the three weeks that precede the beginning of any semester after fulfilling the enrollment conditions and payment of the determined fee

The Study Duration

Study lasts for 10 semesters. The minimum allowed interval for study is 10 semesters.

Graduation Requirements

To be awarded the bachelor’s degree, students must complete the required credit hours (total 193 Cr.H.). These requirements must be completed within the period specified as follows:

– 10 credit hours University Compulsory

– 10 credit hours University Electives

– 167 credit hours Faculty Requirements

– 6 credit hours Faculty Electives

 Plus internship for one year