Dean Welcome Message


    Physical Therapy is a vital form of professional patients’ care using non invasive techniques that can be applied in most disciplines of medicine.  It is a health profession whose primary purpose is the promotion of optimal health and function through the application of scientific methods to prevent, identify, assess, correct or alleviate acute or prolonged movement dysfunction.

     To keep track with the rapid change in health practices, students are being prepared, by a professional trained staff, to meet the present and emerging health needs of the society, through the continuous update of the curriculum within the national and international market.

     The goal of the program is to provide physical therapy undergraduates with the knowledge and clinical skills to positively contribute to the health and welfare of patients.  The student’s education is further enriched through involvement in a rich variety of supervised campus and extra – curriculum community activities.

     The philosophy of physical therapy education requires willingness and desire on the part of the student to study independently, read widely, think logically, question openly, and to assume major responsibility for continuous personal development as a health professional and as a provider of care.

     The Faculty of Physical Therapy fosters the best educational environment possible; one which stimulates and challenges ideas,  promotes sharing of information, searches for new knowledge and encourages an attitude of life-long learning which are all critical traits of the professional physical therapist .

     The Faculty of Physical Therapy provides the society with professional therapists who are well prepared by a carefully-planned educational program to serve as professional care providers for patients suffering from temporary or permanent disabilities resulting from musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological, gynecological and pediatric disorders.

     The Faculty of Physical Therapy also puts special emphasis on areas such as industrial physical therapy, sports physical therapy, care of the elderly and multi-handicapped patients, in addition to the traditional courses needed to fulfill the graduation requirements.

   Each student has an unparalleled opportunity to perform the essential professional training due to the excellent student/instructor ratio and the close interaction between the students and the group of professional academic staff with excellent teaching records.

     The Faculty’s labs are well-equipped with the most advanced educational tools, instruments and equipments that allow the students to gain the best practical experience.

 Prof. Dr. Hala Ibrahim Kassem

Dean Faculty of Physical Therapy