Faculty Rules

  1. Scientific Degrees

    The faculty grants the bachelor degree in physical therapy.

  2. General rules

    The Vice-Dean of Education and Students’ Affairs appoints an academic guide for each student upon his admission. This academic guide is to be one of the staff members and continues with the student until graduation … MORE

  3. Academic Advising rules

    The study scheme is according to the credit hour system, the study is carried out in English and the faculty sets an exam to evaluate the student’s level in English… MORE

  4. Grade point Average (GPA)

    Grade point Average (GPA) is computed each semester to show the student’s academic standing. It is computed by multiplying each course credits by the grade points corresponding to the grade received… MORE

  5. The Study Duration and Enrollment

    Students should earn a successful grade in each course studied, On graduation a general CGPA is calculated by adding the grade points for all courses studied and dividing the grand total by the total number of credits required for graduation..MORE